Board Game Library

Borrow and play any game in the library with your Board Game Library Card!  We have dozens of games of all types, for all ages, from which to choose.  Teens and Adults will be issued a Board Game Library card with your conference pass.  Please fill it out with your name and cell phone number before using it at the Board Game Library.  Children 12 and under can also receive a Board Game Library card, with parental permission, at the registration desk.  Parents who allow their kids to check out games without them will need to sign an additional form at Registration assuming responsibility for their kids' games.

Need help getting started?  Grab a "help needed" flag at the Board Game Library to summon a friendly Game Runner for setup, rules assistance, tips and training.

Need another player or two?  Grab a "player needed" flag at the Board Game Library to signal open seats for your game.  Please return flags to the Board Game Library when your game is full.

Please be mindful of the Board Game Library guidelines:

  • One game at a time per player, please.  
  • Be sure to return all game parts and pieces to the game box before turning it in for a new game.
  • Games must be returned to the Board Game Librarian by 5pm.
  • Board Game Library games may be played in the gaming halls or the hotelís common areas.  Do not take board games outside or to your hotel room.
  • Please, no food or drink while playing our games.