What to Bring

We suggest you peruse the list below and pack smart!

  • Shoes!  Everyone's gotta wear 'em.
  • Snacks for the little ones and maybe even some to share.
  • A family emergency plan -- how and when to find each other in case of an emergency.
  • Sweaters for you and the kids for evening and the powerful air conditioning
  • Swimsuits for the pool and spa (hotel guests only)
  • An appetite for the yummy foods at the many restaurants surrounding the hotel
  • A camera - or your smartphone
  • Your laptop if you want to jump on our Minecraft server or play computer games with others.
  • Your tablet or phone for playing tablet games with others (Hello, SPACE TEAM!)
  • A fun, festive costume or outfit for the dance on Saturday night
  • Your Warhammer armies if you want to use the Warhammer table
  • Your X-Wing ships if you want to play X-Wing (or borrow our X-Wing sets from the Board Game Library)
  • Your Magic:  The Gathering decks
  • MTG, Pokemon, or other card games to play with other fans
  • Your art or nerdy crafts to sell in the Artists' Alley
  • Cell phones or 2 way radios to keep in touch with family members
  • Chargers for all of your tech - phones/tablets/laptops
  • Board games you wish to play with friends (we will also have PLENTY to borrow from the Board Game Library)
  • Board games you wish to DONATE to the Board Game Library
  • A great attitude and a willingness to try new things and have FUN!

Questions?  Email hscdiscoverycon@gmail.com